Highly innovative, high-performance robot controllers


Yaskawa's next-generation DX200 controller features robust PC architecture and system-level control for robotic work cells. Using patented multiple robot control technology, as well as I/O devices and communication protocols furthermore it provides built-in ladder logic processing including 4,096 I/O addresses, a variety of fieldbus network connections, a high-speed E-server connection and I/F panels (10) which shows the HMI on the pendant.

Main features:

  • Consistent improvement in DX generation controllers
  • Patented multi-robot control of up to 72 axes or 8 robots
  • Application-specific function packages and more than 120 functions
  • Integrated ladder logic incl. 4,096 I/O addresses
  • "Individual Servo Off" energy saving function for breaks in production
  • Integrated safety controller for the set-up of up to 32 safety zones and 16 tools (cat.X/PLX as per EN ISO 13849-1, SILX as per EN62061/IEC61508)
  • Communication via digital/analogue I/Os, Ethernet, Web (FTP, OPC) server options and support for popular fieldbus interfaces
  • Very lightweight, Windows-based CE teach pendant (PHG) with touchscreen and multi-window colour display  
  • System programming via PHG as well as externally via PC-based systems (API), offline simulation systems such as MotoVRC, Robcad, Labview and user-specific HMI
  • IP54 compliant control housing
  • Application specific function packages including more than 120 functions
  • High productivity
  • Low integration costs
  • High reliability and energy efficiency
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Flyer Controller DX200
Robot Controller MOTOMAN DX200 Data sheet | English
Data sheet English
Flyer Steuerung DX200
Robotersteuerung MOTOMAN DX200 Data sheet | German
Data sheet German
Flyer FunctionalSafetyUnit FSU
Improved Safety Functions with integrated Safety Controller Data sheet | English
Data sheet English
Flyer FunktionaleSicherheitssteuerung FSU
Verbesserte Sicherheitsfunktionen mit integrierter Sicherheitssteuerung Data sheet | German
Data sheet German
PL-Zertifikat TUEV DX200 MachineSafetyBoard
Zertifikat TUEV DX200 - Machine Safety Board Certification | English
Certification English
PL-Zertfikat TUEV DX200 FSU FunctionalSafetyBoard
Zerfikat TUEV Robotersteuerung DX200 Funktionale FSU Functional Safety Board Certification | English
Certification English
Brochure DX200 Functions & Packages Brochures | English Brochures English CAD/CAE | CAD/CAE CAD/CAE | CAD/CAE

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