Painting, Spraying, Coating, Powder Coating with Motoman Robots

Painting or coating production tasks are exactly what robots are designed for. Robots also spray on solvent-based paints with or without high voltage, always achieving the same results. In the automated cell it is easier to maintain a consistent temperature and humidity, resulting in reproducible quality.

Although a MOTOMAN robotic system is extremely fast, its high precision and well-coordinated movements along the path save a considerable amount of time and reduce waste. The paint coating is applied consistently at maximum speed, with guaranteed perfect results.

For Painting and Coating in ATEX environments, we recommend the MPX series robots, offering a range of painting robots that are perfectly tailored to customer requirements and provide top quality results.

Motoman GP Series Robots can also be ATEX-certified, and are used for spraying or coating applications.

The new Collaborative HC10DT-IP67 and HC20DT-IP67 are perfect for small and lean fenceless coating installations replacing human workplaces. Direct-teach hand-guiding is perfect to train and replicate trajectories in a short time.


Automotive Paint Applications with Motoman Robots

Automotive - Car Body Painting with Motoman Robots

Motoman Robots are actors in the Automotive Paint Shop - Car body / Door/ Hoods / Flaps / Bumpers interior and exterior painting, underbody and interoir sealing and applying sound deadener.

Automotive - Exterior / Interior Car Part Painting with Motoman Robots

General Industry Painting Applications with Motoman Robots

There is a wide world of painting jobs outside Automotive Industry - Painting Cabs of agricultural and construction vehicles, coil coating, containers, electronoc components, enamels, gas tanks and bottles, machines and machine tools, marine energy, piping, solar energy panels, steel drums, wind energy, shoes and textiles.

Powder Coating with Motoman Robots

Coating and Surface Treatment with Motoman Robots

Spraying Applications with Motoman Robots

Programming of Painting Applications

There are several methods to simplify painting trajectories:

  • Hand Guiding (with HC Series Collaborative Robots)
  • Offline Programming Tools (MotoSim or 3rd Party Tools)
  • Offline Programming tools deriving the robot path directly from CAD Models