All Inclusive for Developers
Our TRITON was specifically made for your industrial applications.
That means it is already equipped with everything it needs to get your project up and running.
Integrated Ethernet switch, encryption and even a ready to use backplane master.
Save money, time and a hassle with this all in one solution!

TRITON uses the fastest 32 bit core ARM processor today. 3 cores with high single thread performance makes him best suited for motion and PLC-tasks. High single core performance enables fast processing for motion tasks like synchronous running.

  • 3 x ARM Cortex A17 core with up to 1.26 GHz
  • 64-bit floating point unit per core
  • 64/32 kB instruction/data cache
  • 2 Mb of L2 cache (with ECC)

With a CODESYS® license, the large range of PLC functions on the Linux platform, including tested fieldbus protocols, can be used. This leads to a significant reduction in development effort and development risk as well as the time-to-market.

In the future, the system will be expanded with the Yaskawa Remote I/O System SliceBus and with the TechIO module from the TRITON. The integration into the „CODESYS®" development environment is carried out by importing the device description files.


Our TRITON chip is a highlight in industrial automation thanks to three powerful ARM Cortex-A17 as well as four Gigabit Ethernet ports with support for TSN. Newest DDR4 controller for fast and long available DDR4-RAM. PCIexpress enables a variety of fast interfaces as well as a PCIexpress PC-card for easy integration to every PC system. Security core enables features like secure boot to protect your automation data.

  • PCIexpress up to Gen3
  • Max. 4 lanes
  • Max. 3 controllers
  • Max. 40 Gbit/s in Full Duplex
  • RC/EP virtual channels
  • Time synchronization
  • Secure boot (signed and encrypted)
  • Integrated eFuse for customer key storage
  • AES 256 GCM hardware acceleration
  • True random number generator
  • IOMPU (memory protection for I/O devices)

No extra costs for a backplane system thanks to an integrated backplane master as well as  integrated Ethernet PHYs. This means lower cost for your IPC or industrial PLC. No external Ethernet switching unit needed. All standard Ethernet protocols provided by Yaskawa. Smaller footprint for your motion controller or PLC. No heatsink or active cooling system required, due to intelligent power consumption design. High-load energy consumption is below 5 W.

  • Integrated backplane Master Interface
    • High-speed 192 Mbit/s, Alarm and error handling, Time Synchronization
  • Intergrated Ethernet PHYs
  • 4 x Gbit Ethernet ports integrated
  • Security Core integrated
  • Low power consumption
  • All standard protocols and fieldbuses available

Scalable system architecture allows you to choose between 1 - 3 active cores. All 4 existing Gbit ports can be switched via software. Processor frequency is scalable. More extensions via PCIexpress possible.

  • 4 x Gbit Ethernet port
  • All 4 Ethernet ports can be combined as one switch
  • Core can be deactivated
  • Frequency scalable
  • PCIexpress enables additional high-speed modules
  • Additional features like I/Os, counters, serial interfaces included

Your automation systems can easily be integrated into environments using any common Ethernet-based protocol or classic fieldbus.

  • TSN ready
  • EtherCAT Slave/Master
  • Mechatrolink-III/IV Master/Slave
  • EtherNet/IP Adapter
  • 2 x PROFIBUS Master (12 Mbit/s)
  • PROFIBUS Slave (12 Mbit/s)
  • 2 x CAN controller (1 Mbit/s)

Full Speed Ahead in Demanding Conditions
Carefully engineered and developed with industrial applications in mind,
TRITON is able to remain fully operation up unto 125°C junction temperature.

You read this right – it’s fail-safe and does not even think about reducing performance.

Interface Diversity, Optimally Integrated

This means that your automation systems can be easily integrated into all common Ethernet-based
fieldbuses and all classic fieldbuses.