Direct Drive Motors


Outer Rotor with Core


Our Direct Drive Motors eliminate backlash, reduce the number of mechanical components, and provide a stiff mechanical system for highly dynamic applications.

Experience Sigma-7

Technical Details

  • Input Power Supply
  • 200 V
  • Rated Torque (Nm)
  • 1.3 Nm
  • Instantaneous Peak Torque
  • 4 Nm
  • Outer Diameter (mm)
  • 160 mm
  • Flange
  • Non-load side (with cable on side)
  • Height
  • 160 mm
  • Width
  • 160 mm
  • Depth
  • 45.7 mm
  • Weight
  • 3 kg
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Direct Drive Servomotors - Sigma-7 200 V Series
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AC Servo Drives Sigma-7 Series
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Servoazionamenti CA Serie Sigma-7
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Sigma-7 Series Direct Drive Servomotor
SGM7D, SGM7E, SGM7F, SGMCV, SGMCS, Product Manual, SIEP-S800001-38F Technical documentation | English
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