Finally our latest addition to our profichip brand has arrived!

Seeing our ASIC development team all excited inspired us to make a small video to show our first initial test procedures.

Those test procedures are:
1.       Initial powering up the chip on our new Development Board
2.       Connecting JTAG-Debugger and controlling some GPIOs
3.       Testing the internal memories of the TRITON
4.       Examining the integrated ethernet PHYs

.. so far everything is running smoothly and cool, very cool -> no active cooling is needed!

Our TRITON chip is a highlight in industrial automation thanks to three powerful ARM Cortex-A17 as well as four Gigabit Ethernet ports with support for TSN.
The Idea behind this ASIC is to have everything combined in one single chip:
--> A fast and reliable backplane system, PCIexpress interfaces for additional services and easy integration, powerful Ethernet communication controllers supporting the latest industrial real-time Ethernet protocols and the fastest 32-bit ARM cores for motion and automation tasks
--> With this chip we are sure we can meet all the requirements for the industrial automation and motion & drives business, including security features needed for IIoT

Thanks to the addition of the TRITON we now offer a complete range from  Fieldbus ASICs, backplane chips and real-time Ethernet controllers up to an advanced multi-core processor for PLCs and motion controllers