New Spörk drive package for Ascendor shaftless cabin lift

  • Client
  • Spörk Antriebssysteme GmbH

Compact inverter, big impact

Yaskawa sales partner Spörk Antriebssysteme has developed a new drive package for Austrian lift builder Ascendor, to be incorporated in its shaftless vertical cabin lift. The core element of the solution is a compact Yaskawa V1000 inverter.

Ascendor GmbH, based in Niederwaldkirchen, Upper Austria, is one of Austria’s leading manufacturers of platforms and stair lifts. The company’s latest development is the “Quattroporte” cabin lift. As a shaftless system it is designed for outside and inside use without major alterations to the existing building structure.

The doors open to all four sides to guarantee the highest degree of flexibility. The space below the lift is fully usable – e.g. as a garage forecourt. Ascendor entrusted the design and implementation of the drive package for the new model to Spörk Antriebssysteme GmbH in Kottingbrunn near Vienna. The two companies are linked by a long-term partnership.

Combination of high-performance components

The solution developed by Spörk Antriebssysteme combines several optimally coordinated components to form a powerful package. This comprises in particular two worm-gear brake motors and a V1000 inverter from YASKAWA with special software programmed by Spörk. The software monitors the delivered inverter frequency and actual rotational speed. It also controls the voltage and ensures emergency operation in the event of a breakdown.

The decision was taken in favour of inverter model V1000 primarily due to its high flexibility. It permits various functions to be configured according to individual customer requirements and software tools to be easily implemented. In addition, the compact device distinguishes itself by an extremely small space requirement. The inverter can be easily installed in the switch cabinet, mounted separately from the cabin lift. The two brake motors are concealed in the drive bar of the lift.