Sigma-II Repair

Type Product Type Voltage Price
SGDH-05DE Servopack 400V 975 €
SGDH-10DE Servopack 400V 1.020 €
SGDH-15DE Servopack 400V 1.015 €
SGDH-20DE Servopack 400V 1.199 €
SGDH-30DE Servopack 400V 1.400 €
SGDH-50DE Servopack 400V 2.200 €
SGDH-60DE Servopack 400V 2.500 €


24 months warranty on repaired product

This price list contains only prices for Sigma 2 article, that are obsolete!
Technical specifications are subject to change without notice
Only our General Terms and Condition are valid.

We are only having limited stock. In some cases also production is no longer able to produce the item. We can not guarantee any availability !
All prices are End-User List Prices, excl. VAT, excl. transportation costs.

Repair Lead Time - 5 working days
Offer valid till 31-12-2021