Robotics Software


Cost-effective software solution that allows you to control the robot remotely from a PC


Data can also be managed from a remote site using MotoAdmin. The connection to the robot controller can be serial or over TCP/IP Ethernet.

Main features:

  • File access, i.e. loading, saving and deleting job files 
  • Ability to define backup profiles for one-button backup
  • Display and editing of global variables
  • Display of I/O signals (only indirect setting of outputs possible)
  • Control of the robot job execution (servo, start/interrupt jobs, etc.)
  • Display and limited reset of alarms and faults 
  • Retrieval of alarm history
  • Retrieval of system information such as software version, installed functions,  robot type, stations, axes, positions
  • Job editing (without syntax control)

Technical Details

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  • Communication Tools