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15. maggio 2018

YASKAWA at Automatica

Directly after the European starting signal for “i³-Mechatronics”, Yaskawa will also be presenting its Industrie 4.0 concept at Automatica. This integrative approach encompasses the newly developed Motoman robots together with products and solutions from drive and control technology as well as in-house developed software solutions. In addition to live application solutions from the field of drive and control technology, the focus at Yaskawa’s stand will be on new robot models, collaborative robotics and artificial intelligence.

New Industry 4.0 concept "i³ Mechatronics" will be presented at Automatica / Neues Industrie 4.0 Konzept "i³ Mechatronics" wird auf der Automatica vorgestellt (Source/Quelle: YASKAWA)

The Collaborative MOTOMAN HC10 robot can now also be programmed with a "Smart pendant" or "Direct Teaching" / Der kollaborative Roboter MOTOMAN HC10 kann jetzt auch mit einem „Smartpendant“ oder mit „Direct Teaching“ programmiert werden (Source/Quelle: YASKAWA)

Sigma-7 servo system in 400-V version specially conceived for European market / Servosystem Sigma-7 in der speziell für den europäischen Markt konzipierten 400-V-Variante (Source/Quelle: YASKAWA)

With the “i³-Mechatronics” solution concept YASKAWA brings together classical mechatronics, information and communication technology with digital solutions such as artificial intelligence, Big Data and the Internet of Things. “i3” stands for integrated – intelligent – innovative. Relevant process and system data is collected in a scalable database in real time, analysed and learned by artificial intelligence optimization. Visualization is direct and comprehensible in the “YASKAWA Cockpit” software platform. The present status of every machine can be mapped concurrently in real time and correlated with other data sources, for example for coordinated predictive maintenance. The data can also be easily be forwarded to existing ERP, MES, Big-Data or AI environments in observance of the most stringent safety standards, enabling well-founded decisions on this basis. In live demonstrations at the stand trade fair visitors will be able to experience the functionalities of the “YASKAWA Cockpit” both in the interplay of robotics live cells and with Yaskawa control and drive technology. For example, the software platform recognises and reports a blocked air filter without the inclusion of additional sensors, solely by monitoring the current flow.

Also on display at the stand: integration of the latest Sigma-7 servo system in its 400 V version into the YASKAWA Cockpit. Besides the conventional single-axis amplifier, dual axis modules are also available for Sigma-7. Substantial energy savings are possible on the one hand with the control of two motors via an amplifier. On the other hand, the already small footprint of the Sigma-7 amplifier is further reduced. The Sigma-7 servo system also enables simple integration into the appropriate system environments via an integrated real time Ethernet interface for EtherCAT.


Extended Motoman model pallet

Powerful robot models such as the Motoman HC10 collaborative robot, now programmable with a “Smart pendant” or “Direct Teaching”, or the newly developed MotoMINI again form the technical basis for such ground-breaking automation solutions. The compact six-axis robot was specially developed for the handling and assembly of small workpieces. It will reduce the size of your production line while boosting productivity. The lightweight high-speed robot offers a payload of 500 g and a range of 350 mm. With its high degree of repeat accuracy of 0.03 mm it is ideal for applications with small parts. The point of installation can be easily and randomly changed, depending on operational requirements or the workpiece to be manufactured. This robot is operated with the likewise small and lightweight MOTOMAN YRC1000 micro controller that is ideally suited to controlling small robots.

In addition, Yaskawa has extended the Motoman GP series for Automatica to include new models with a payload of 50, 180, 225, 400 and 600 kg. “GP” stands for “general purpose” and thus for diverse applications. These compact and fast handling robots der GP series were developed for particularly fast joining, packaging and general handling applications.

In the field of welding, in which Yaskawa plays a leading role, new positioners will be exhibited. Also, the error recovery system is a defined procedure to ensure component quality in the event of disruptions to the welding process.


Yaskawa at Automatica

19–22 June 2018

Munich Exhibition Centre, Germany

Hall B6, Stand 502





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