18. juillet 2018

YASKAWA at AMB - Trade fair premiere with robot innovations

As a longstanding and reliable provider of solutions for automated metalworking, Yaskawa will be represented for the first time as an exhibitor at...

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04. juillet 2018

Robot operating licence for the specialists of tomorrow

Hands-on experience of cutting edge technology

Congratulations on your robot operating licence! Six students have successfully completed an unusual...

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15. juin 2018

New YASKAWA Cockpit software platform - Industrie 4.0 in real time

With the YASKAWA Cockpit Yaskawa has developed a new, central software platform for networked production environments. The standard OPC UA interface...

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14. juin 2018

MOTOMAN HC10 - “Easy teaching” for collaborative operation

At Automatica, Yaskawa will be displaying a further development of the collaborative Motoman HC10 robot. The HC10DT (DT stands for “Direct Teach”)...

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13. juin 2018

Motoman GP series extended to accommodate payloads of 600 kg

Easy handling of heavy loads

The Motoman GP series comprises compact and extremely efficient robots for high-speed joining, packaging and general...

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13. juin 2018

MotoMINI extends the range of MOTOMAN models downwards

Small, but it packs a punch

For Automatica Yaskawa has augmented its Motoman robot portfolio with what is now its smallest model: with a range of 350...

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13. juin 2018

Yaskawa extends MotoLogix software interface

Robot programming now with EtherCAT connection

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09. juin 2018

Yaskawa’s Motoman handling robot in show applications

Art and technology as an inseparable entity

A different kind of service robotics: when the successful international artiste UliK appears on stage, he...

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15. mai 2018

Robotics and automation solutions for the future of Industrie 4.0

YASKAWA at Automatica

Directly after the European starting signal for “i³-Mechatronics”, Yaskawa will also be presenting its Industrie 4.0 concept at...

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14. mai 2018

New Production Locations in Slovenia

 Yaskawa's Drive Technology to Be “Made in Europe”

Following the construction of the first European robot factory in Kočevje, Slovenia, Yaskawa is...

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