YASKAWA France invests in new headquarters

09. October 2017

In the presence of Xavier Lucas, CEO of YASKAWA France, Johann Boblin, President of the Community of Communes of Grand Lieu and Regional Councillor, and Serge Hegron, Mayor of Bignon, YASKAWA France was pleased to officially announce, the Wednesday 20th September, the upcoming construction of its new headquarters.

Preview of the new headquarters of YASKAWA France.

Xavier Lucas, CEO of YASKAWA France, and local representatives at the press conference of the 20th of September 2017 at the Community of Communes of Grand Lieu.

Prestigious project

Scheduled for late 2018 in the commune of Le Bignon, south of Nantes, this new building (5.5 M€) will provide more space for YASKAWA, the leader in robotics and automation systems. The prestigious new 6,300 m² headquarters (versus 4 500 m² currently), will provide YASKAWA France 2,000 m² space for its staff (offices, cafeteria, break/fitness room, collaborative workspaces) and 4,300 m2 for the workshops. 

The project also includes 1,000 m² for training (YASKAWA Academy) and 500 m² of showroom/R&D. "As a space designed to drive engagement, the showroom will help us in strengthening relationships with engineering schools, the university and all our other partners," says Xavier Lucas, CEO of YASKAWA France.

High social quality

The future headquarters of YASKAWA will be visible from the motorway, and its external appearance will reflect the manufacturer’s advanced expertise in robotics. Architect and prime contractor PVA from Cholet favours the use of sophisticated glass, metal and smooth materials in light colours to give the building a contemporary and high-tech look. 

Similarly, the architectural design emphasises the quality of the future work environment (natural light evenly distributed throughout, transparency featured in the offices). The work spaces and other areas were designed to provide "high social quality" according to the architect.

The result lives up to the collective expectations. It was important for YASKAWA to get the staff involved in the project design from the outset. "Since April 2017, some 15 staff members from different departments have been working on it together. And everyone has provided valuable input," explains the CEO. “We want this new headquarters to contribute to the well-being of our employees and reflect our core values and philosophy: quality, efficiency, simplicity.”  

Support growth

With the construction of this new building, YASKAWA France will be able to support its steady growth. In recent years, the company has experienced a strong increase in sales: in 2016, it posted revenue of 28 M€ (versus 20 M€ in 2015) and 33 M€ forecasted for this year, representing growth of 30% per year. Likewise, recruitments are on the rise at YASKAWA France. With 91 employees today, it expects to expand to 100 employees at the beginning of next year.

This new workspace will help YASKAWA France carry out its strategic projects and achieve its aims. "In addition to the new contracts recently signed in North Africa and Switzerland, we are currently selling our first robot welding cells in Spain. We hope that our market share in robotics and mechatronics will continue to grow. And via our recent acquisitions, we have very exciting growth prospects in sectors where we are not yet present, such as marine renewable energy and artificial intelligence. The region of Nantes is a location of choice for these new sectors," concludes Xavier Lucas.

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