MotoMINI extends the range of MOTOMAN models downwards

13. June 2018

Small, but it packs a punch

For Automatica Yaskawa has augmented its Motoman robot portfolio with what is now its smallest model: with a range of 350 mm the new MotoMINI can handle a payload of 500 g.

With a range of 350 mm, the new MotoMINI can handle a payload of 500 g. / Der neue MotoMINI bietet bei einer Reichweite von 350 mm eine Tragfähigkeit von 500 g. (Source/Quelle: YASKAWA)

The MotoMINI is operated with the new high-performance Motoman YRC1000micro. / Der MotoMINI wird mit der neuen Hochleistungssteuerung Motoman YRC1000micro betrieben. (Source/Quelle: YASKAWA)

As a lightweight, high-speed robot the compact 6-axis computer combines fast cycle rates with a high degree of repeatability of 0.03 mm. This makes the MotoMINI ideal for handling small workpieces and components, but of course also for assembly work in small production machines. Thanks to its compact design, it has only a small footprint.

Within the smallest of spaces this robot moves components in all three directions and around all three axes. This freedom of movement facilitates more complex, three-dimensional handling operations.

It reduces the space requirements for the production plant, while boosting productivity. At only 7 kg the dead weight of the manipulator is so small that depending on operating conditions or workpiece being processed the robot can be used flexibly and application-specific. Installation on linear axes or other “workplace extenders” likewise broadens the field of application of the MotoMINI.

The robot is thus in alignment with Yaskawa’s strategy of “built-to-order” products that satisfy the requirements today’s of Industrie 4.0.


New Motoman YRC1000micro high-performance controller

The controller is likewise particularly small and lightweight. The MotoMINI is operated with the new high-performance Motoman YRC1000micro controller. Its hand-held programmer – the lightest in its category at only 730g – is ergonomic and clearly arranged. The touchscreen enables intuitive operation and thus simple movement and scrolling with the cursor. A 3D simulation on the display of the hand-held programmer shows the movement of the real robot arm and the limits of safe working. Open interfaces predestine the new generation of controllers for use in Industrie 4.0 environments.

The extremely compact controller with a cabinet volume of only 21.5 litres has a small footprint and can be installed close to the robot in the cell. Despite its modest space requirement, the controller not only offers the quality of movement that is typical for Yaskawa; it can optionally be operated with two additional axes, equipped with all field bus systems and even designed as a safe controller. In conformance with Yaskawa’s standards, this controller achieves a placing in the PL d Category 3.




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