Newly developed camera system from Yaskawa - Adaptive robot welding: perfect results with MotoSense

29. September 2016

With the newly-developed MotoSense vision system, robotics specialist Yaskawa offers an innovative solution for adaptive robot welding. MotoSense enables seam finding and tracking on programmed weld tracks in real time – even with the most demanding applications and materials. Because absolute component positioning is unnecessary, the solution is also particularly cost-effective.

Welding with MotoSense camera system / Schweissen mit MotoSense Kamerasystem (Source/Quelle: YASKAWA)

Yaskawa’s MotoSense camera system permits particularly cost-effective, high-precision, adaptive welding applications with robots. Seam finding and tracking take place in real time. With MotoSense there is no need for absolute positioning of components and repeat accuracy. Jig costs are thus significantly reduced. The system is useable with MIG/MAG, WIG and plasma welding technologies. It can process a wide range of materials, including stainless steel and aluminium. Due to the interplay of pre-prepared macro jobs, suitable vision algorithms and competent technical support, perfect results are guaranteed even for the most complex welding tasks. The all-in-one solution offers an extremely flexible platform comprising the MotoSense image processing module, image processing control and an interface to the Yaskawa DX robot controller. In this version, even unique zero gap detection on butt welds is possible.

Video MotoSense Sensing Platform


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