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“Girls’Day” at Yaskawa

03. May 2017

Industrial robots, servo drives, frequency inverters and control units developed by Yaskawa provide for plenty of motion in factories and industrial production plants. At this year’s “Girls’ Day” about 50 schoolgirls aged between 12 and 16 were able to see for themselves what is behind it all when they visited the three German Yaskawa facilities in Allershausen (Robotics), Eschborn (Drives & Motion) and Herzogenaurach (Vipa Controls).

19 participants at YASKAWA Allershausen / 19 Teilnehmerinnen bei YASKAWA in Allershausen (Source/Quelle: YASKAWA)

Not only were they able to take a look behind the scenes at the Japanese global corporation – under expert supervision they were each invited to design and make an electronic component.

Yaskawa Europe GmbH has been supporting the nationwide “Girls’ Day” initiative for many years. Initiated by federal ministries, the European Union and various associations according to the motto “Girls discover professions in technology, IT, handicrafts and natural sciences”, “Girls’ Day” has long since become an institution. This year the event took place on 27 April.

Typical “Girls’ Day” professions are those in which a maximum of 40% women are employed or undertake a course of training. At Yaskawa, for example, these are professions in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and mechatronics.




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