• YASKAWA Electric UK Ltd. established for local production of AC drives
  • Latest Generation
    Latest Generation Develop for commercialising the latest generation industrial robots (dual-arm robot & single-arm robot)
  • Company History

    • Formation of YASKAWA Electric Manufacturing Co.
      Formation of YASKAWA Electric Manufacturing Co. Established as a limited partnership
      Founder: Keiichiro Yasukawa
      First president: Daigoro Yasukawa
    • New Product
      New Product 3-phase Induction Motor
    • YASKAWA Electric Manufacturing Co. Ltd. established
    • Technical tie-up with Brown, Boveri & Co, Ltd. (Switzerland) for DC motors
    • Yukuhashi plant opened
    • Servomotors
      Servomotors "Minertia" DC servo motor developed
    • Kokura plant opened
    • First DC disc motor
    • Tokyo plant opened
    • New Product Cup-Motor – first DC servo drive with large capacity
    • New Product Hard-wired NCs developed
    • New Product SF6 gas rotary-arc load breakers developed
    • Nakama plant opened
    • Mechatronics
      Mechatronics Registration of the "Mechatronics" brand
    • New Product Domestic production of fl oppy disk drives started
    • New Product NC “YASNAC”, incorporating a microcomputer, developed
    • MOTOMAN L10
      MOTOMAN L10 The "MOTOMAN-L10" vertically jointed, articulated type robot introduced
    • New Product First company to develop vector control inverter
    • First MOTOMAN robot sold in Europe
    • Inception YASKAWA Electric Europe GmbH established
    • New Product First AC servo drive range for machine tool and robotic market
    • Deming Prize received
    • Motoman Center opened
    • New Product First company to introduce fully digital controlled inverter drive
    • New Product Development of vacuum robots
    • New Technology YASKAWA first to implement IGBT modules into general purpose inverters
    • Power Distribution Equipment plant opened
    • New Product First fully digital AC servo drive with precise torque, speed, and position control
    • New Product Live-line maintenance robot developed
    • Corporate name changed to YASKAWA Electric Corporation
    • New Product AC servo Σ (Sigma) series developed
    • New Product Σ-I Series – very compact amplifiers and motors
    • 1 million AC servomotors produced
      1 million AC servomotors produced
    • New Offices Shanghai Office and Beijing service centers established
    • New Production Sites Local production of robots was first started in the USA and Sweden
    • New Technology First company to develop vector control inverters for general applications
    • New Manufacturing Sites General purpose AC drive manufacturing joint venture companies established in Shanghai and Malaysia
    • New Technology Development for commercialising superenergy-saving variable speed drive “VS-686SS5”
    • New Product Development of high-clean class “MOTOMAN CR series”
    • MOTOMAN production reached 50,000 mark
    • AC servo production reached 2 million mark
    • Joint Veture established for industrial drive systems with Siemens AG (Germany) in Japan.
    • New Technology First company to develop motor-friendly 3-level control general purpose inverter
    • Joint Venture of CNC systems with Siemens AG
    • AC servo production reached 3 million mark
    • 100,000
      100,000 100,000th MOTOMAN robot sold
    • The YASKAWA Solution Center established
    • VIPA
      VIPA VIPA established as a division of YASKAWA Europe
    • Anniversary
      Anniversary 100 Years of YASKAWA