YASKAWA at “Schweißen & Schneiden” – Hall 13 / Stand C13


Best in Class Products and System Solutions – a sustainable competitive edge through comprehensive systems expertise in joining, coating and separating technology

According to the motto ‘Best in Class Products and System Solutions’, Yaskawa – for many years a competent partner in all segments of robotics, drive- and control technology, as well as tailor-made robot system solutions – will be presenting its entire portfolio from the three divisions at this year’s “Schweißen & Schneiden”. The company is particularly noted for its broad range of products, enabling the implementation of integrated system solutions – from drive technology and robotics to control (PLC) and visualization (HMI).

YASKAWA's comprehensive range from the standard cell to customized complex system / Das umfangreiche Sortiment von YASKAWA beinhaltet Lösungen von der Standardzelle bis zum kundenspezifischen, komplexen System (Source/Quelle: YASKAWA)

Combination of high-performance components for faster cycle times / Deutlich schnellere Taktzeiten durch die Kombination von leistungsfähigen Komponenten (Source/Quelle: YASKAWA)

Its extensive market presence places a strategic focus on trade fairs. A broad portfolio of components and systems offers crucial added value and provides customers with efficient, innovative and cost-effective solutions. For Yaskawa, trade fairs such as “Schweißen & Schneiden” are thus an important key to new market potential.


Total robotics solutions for gas-shielded and spot welding

Visitors to Yaskawa’s stand will be able to inspect a total of four welding cells: the Motoman ArcWorld V2 is a turn-key, robot-based arc welding cell. It is particularly cost-effective and has a remarkably small footprint, offering a high degree of flexibility. The standard version is equipped with a Motoman MA1440 and a 2-station positioner with a payload of 500 kg per station.

The second exhibit demonstrates spot welding in a Yaskawa positioner with two newly designed 7-axis type VS100 robots, combined with lightweight grip tongs and nut welding unit. Due to the combination of high-performance components, significantly faster cycle times can be realized with the exhibited robot spot welding system than with previous solutions. Furthermore, design of the robot positioning cell is so compact that it requires up to 40 % less space than other comparable systems. The high degree of reconfiguration flexibility from one product to another further facilitates variable production operations. The frontal “Robot on board” positioning of the robots guarantees easy accessibility, despite low interfering contours and thus minimum footprint.

The error recovery mechanism specifies a defined sequence for safeguarding component quality in the event of disruptions during the welding process. Coordinated and synchronous movements with at least two MA2010 welding robots as well as additional, external axes are useful for the purpose. The “Error Recovery” function, software for DX200 multi-robot cells, is already integrated. Its purpose is to detect, treat and rework welding errors that may occur in the course of simultaneous execution of several processes.


Industrie 4.0 – Interaction – Batch size 1

Another highlight at the Yaskawa trade fair stand: Industrie 4.0. A CMT marking show cell (CMT marking stands for an arc marking process) enables interaction with fair visitors by means of the automated manufacture of a small souvenir in business card format. The process is controlled by a 21” panel PC made by Vipa. Besides the Yaskawa company logo, the visitor can, for example, have his or her name or a QR code with a link to Yaskawa products applied to a souvenir – to individual requirements and starting from batch size 1.




Yaskawa’s extensive range of Motoman industrial robots, together with its drive and control technology, enables end-to-end technical solutions from one source – from the standard cell to the customized complex system.

For example, the Sigma-7 series of servo amplifiers with a EtherCAT and MECHATROLINK interface offer numerous convenient features such as vibration suppression –critical in the metal processing industry. This innovative function enables exact tracing of trajectories when cutting, lasering and chamfering, producing extremely accurate finished parts. In addition to servo motors, the Sigma-7 portfolio also includes linear axes.


YASKAWA at Schweißen & Schneiden

25–29 September 2017 – Messe Düsseldorf 

Hall 13, Stand C13


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