Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum

Inverter drives for greater efficiency

Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum GmbH uses drive technology from YASKAWA

In the vacuum pumps of Cologne-based Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum GmbH, V1000 inverter drives ensure energy efficiency, reliable communication, and convenient operation and monitoring.

From its headquarters in Cologne, Germany, Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum GmbH offers vacuum solutions for a wide range of modern production and analysis procedures as well as for research purposes. The company’s diverse product portfolio comprises fore and high vacuum pumps, complete vacuum systems including compatible accessories as well as consulting and other services for all aspects of vacuum technology. In all of these areas, the benefits to the user always take precedence. The Dryvac series of vacuum pumps is an excellent example of this. Designed specifically for the strenuous process requirements of the photovoltaics industry as well as for use with various coating technologies, these dry compressing screw pumps are suited for even the most demanding applications.
When designing this new generation of pumps, the developers placed special emphasis on meeting the varied demands of today’s users. After all, using optimised vacuum technology in processes not only increases productivity, but also improves efficiency and minimises resource consumption. At the same time, the technology must fulfil the legal specifications for energy efficiency while also addressing the inexorable shift towards the use of bus systems in controllers and regulators as well as for monitoring the status of individual functional groups, such as those of a vacuum pump system.