Automatik Plastics Machinery GmbH

Functional integration for higher quality and lower costs

Intelligent inverter drive eliminates PLC and HMI

Particularly in these times of globalisation, all machine manufacturers are faced with the challenge of raising quality and reliability alike. Automatik Plastics Machinery GmbH in Grossostheim, a manufacturer of pelletising machines, has found an elegant solution in the form of YASKAWA’s A1000 inverter drive.

The reliability and quality of a machine can be improved by reducing the number of components. A suitable design principle in this regard is the integration of functions. Individual parts of a machine perform multiple functions, which previously required the installation of numerous different components. An optimised drive system allowed Automatik Plastics Machinery to make significant improvements to its PRIMO range of pelletising systems. These machines cut an extruded polymer strand into even pellets in the required grain size. These then serve as raw material for plastic injection moulding machines or extrusions lines for polymers, threads, films etc.