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14. agosto 2015

Simulation and offline programming of Motoman robot systems - Perfect planning without hocus-pocus

Virtual simulation of robot-based systems and processes provides crucial advantages not only in planning, but also in the commissioning and operation...

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05. agosto 2015

Yaskawa industrial robots: Operational reliability by retrofit – turning old into new

Industrial robots are assuming key tasks at various points in automated production. Downtimes must therefore be reliably prevented – even after the...

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31. luglio 2015

YASKAWA Europe presents energy-efficient robots for component manufacturing at the "Robots in the Automotive Industry" conference

Allershausen, 29 July 2015 – Requirements for modern robot systems, safe human/robot cooperation, energy efficiency and innovative applications. These...

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29. giugno 2015

Yaskawa supports design project. Motoman robot creates artwork from sand.

At the latest "DMY International Design Festival Berlin 2015" (11 – 14 June 2015) the Israeli-based art student Jon McTaggart provided an exhibit as...

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23. giugno 2015

Robot solution for automated production of personalised cosmetic products. Beautiful skin thanks to "Balthazar".

The Slovenian start-up "AlpStories" has recently been following a successful business model: The company produces personalised cosmetics and...

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11. giugno 2015

Yaskawa at DVS EXPO 2015: Robots in the focus of the welding industry

Robot welding is the central theme of the meeting of experts at DVS EXPO 2015 (15–17 September 2015, Exhibition Centre/NCC Nuremberg) organized by the...

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22. maggio 2015

Girls' Day on 23 April 2015 at YASKAWA Europe GmbH

This year, the entire YASKAWA Group in Germany participated in the nationwide celebration of Girls' Day. The Group companies in Eschborn, Allershausen...

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22. maggio 2015

Robot-based packing station for cartons - Flexibility is the key

Batch sizes of 20 to 2,000 and almost a dozen different dimensions: above all flexibility was called for in the design of a customized packing station...

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17. febbraio 2015

Yaskawa robots prove their worth under the toughest operating conditions

The new dimension of automated grinding

System supplier AutomationsRobotic has opened up a whole new dimension with its fully-automatic grinding...

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16. febbraio 2015

Intelligent lathe automation with large autonomous processing of workpieces

The company Werner Schmid GmbH in Fulda has been producing metal and plastic components with high tolerance requirements and in complex geometries in...

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