Yaskawa expands Motoman GP series

15. octubre 2017

Versatile, fast and compact – now up to 25 kg

Yaskawa has complemented its GP series with a new Motoman robot model: Motoman GP25 offers a 25 kg payload capacity.

The compact and extremely fast handling robots of the GP series are true productivity driver and offer payload capacities of 7, 8, 12 and now also 25 kg / Die kompakten und extrem schnellen Handling-Roboter der GP-Serie sind wahre Produktivitätstreiber und bieten Traglasten von 7, 8, 12 und jetzt auch 25 kg (Source/Quelle: Yaskawa)

GP stands for ‘General Purpose’ and thus for diverse applications. This compact and extremely fast GP series of handling robots was developed for high-speed joining, packaging and general handling applications. With payloads of 7, 8, 12 and 25 kg the new 6-axis robots are the fastest in their class and thus true productivity drivers.

Like the first models of the GP series, the new GP25 with wrist axes (R, B, T) is an IP67 protection class device. Without further modification it can also be deployed in harsh environments for handling and other automation tasks.

Its slim and compact design enables the manipulators to delve deep into the workspace and the smooth surfaces facilitate the cleaning of the GP robot. Only one robot cable is needed to connect the manipulator to the controller. The advantages of this solution lie in less wear and a smaller footprint, as well as reduced costs for spare parts inventory and maintenance.


New Motoman YRC1000 high-performance controller

The GP series of robots are controlled with the new Motoman YRC1000 high performance controller. The programming pendant of the YRC1000 controller, the lightest in its category at only 730 g, features an ergonomic and clear design. The touchscreen enables intuitive operation and thus simple movements and scrolling with the cursor. A 3D simulation on the screen of the programming pendant can display the movement of the real robot arm and the limits of the safe workspace. Open interfaces predestine the new generation of controllers for use in Industrie 4.0 environments. The extremely compact controller with a cabinet volume of only 125 litres permits optimum use of space. Multiple extra cabinets in the same design round off the product portfolio.





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