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19. April 2017

Ground-breaking ceremony for the Yaskawa extension complex in Allershausen

Yaskawa is expanding its site in Allershausen near Munich, the headquarters of the European Robotics Division: five years after the Japanese...

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21. March 2017

Optimised retooling times, output and space requirements

Four Yaskawa Motoman handling robots feed two turning machines for the manufacture of malleable cast iron fittings

For over 15 years HK-CON...

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23. February 2017

Bin-picking solution by ASS with Yaskawa Motoman MH5LF handling robot - Speed, flexibility and process reliability

Robot-based bin-picking is one of the most sophisticated automation tasks of them all. That is even more so when the parts to be handled are only a...

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14. February 2017

Yaskawa to represent CeBIT partner country Japan - Solutions for the digital factory

Japanese technology group Yaskawa will be represented for the first time at CeBIT in Hanover from 20–24 March 2017. Background to the premiere: this...

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14. February 2017

Cost-efficient and flexible robotic solution for the machine tool industry

When it comes to the automated feeding of machine tools, the choice of the right robot set-up and manipulator is a key element in the planning...

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02. February 2017

Production of precision components in the high-wage country of Switzerland - It's all down to automation

Allegedly, the strong currency and high wage levels in Switzerland significantly impair the competitiveness of the country's production plants. But...

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30. January 2017

Fichter Maschinen GmbH places its trust in Yaskawa: High-end robotics automate the market success

A highly complex assembly unit developed for an automotive supplier has established new technological standards for both the user and the manufacturer...

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23. January 2017

MECHATROLINK is adopted and goes into effect as one of the Chinese National Standards

Thanks to its technical superiority and track record in China, MECHATROLINK, an open motion-control communications network protocol developed in...

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21. December 2016

Huber concrete plant uses Yaskawa Motoman MPL800 palletizing robot - Ideal location

The Huber concrete plant in Altomünster, Bavaria, produces about 600 tonnes of concrete goods daily in a variety of shapes and sizes. The main focus...

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15. December 2016

Industrie 4.0 conformant welding cell for batch sizes down to 1

Next generation of jigless robot welding

Technicians around the globe are preoccupied with the concept of fully automatic, just-in-time welding of...

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